How It Works

CarFund will help you purchase a car with the power of your own savings.

Make the purchase of your car a satisfying and rewarding experience through our intelligent savings plans. Choose a car, or what you can afford to save each month, and we’ll keep you on track.

Choose Your Car

Search by make, body type, or by how much you can afford. We have partnered with 300 dealerships to bring you unbeatable offers!

Set Your Plan

Estimate your down payment based on your credit score and start saving now.


Apply online and get ready to drive! CarFund’s low prices and hassle free process come standard!

Benefits of CarFund

CarFund is leading a change in consumer purchasing behaviour. We want to help you design a savings plan that assists you in buying the right car for your situation. Whether it’s your dream car, or just something reliable to get you from A to B – we have it covered.

Estimate your downpayment and monthly payments based on your credit profile on thousands of vehicles!

It’s free

CarFund is a free service; there are no fees to join.

It’s safe

Bank accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000.

It’s personalized

We will encourage you to create a smarter and more rewarding habit of purchasing with savings through savings tips.

It’s flexible

Should your circumstances change, you can easily adjust your savings plan or intended car purchase to suit your needs.